Monday, October 29, 2012

"union" scammers ripping off Realtors

One would think that I'd be on the "union" scammers do not call list. After going through this before with and, previously and who knows how many others, after one of their people reported me on ripoffreport with a false report, one would think they'd steer clear of me.

They didn't.

I did receive a call last week from someone on the east coast who did a little searching around and found my posting and information. I'm glad she did. I only hope that her friend can get her money back from these people or at least cancel the charge from her bank.

This time around a very nice woman called as "the union rep" for Oregon... She sounded very nice, and very innocent of the true scam. I do feel bad for her.

She had me speak with one of the managers in their call center. He tried telling me that the american union resource center is not related to workforce united and that workforce united stole their website design... stole website design 2 years before was created?

They call representing unions, however no unions use their website. Their website is only links (poorly made links) to other websites, e.g. New York Times, Sacramento Bee, etc. RSS (automatic) news feeds. Nothing on their website is content generated by them or anyone else with ties to their organization. Their website has HUGE gaps in place where other organizations should be. If you look you see Realtors, but hardly any other companies. I don't know why, but Realtors are their main target.

If you get a call from, please look at their website a bit more before falling for their scam. They'll do what they say they will. You pay them money and they will drop your photo and information on their website. Don't expect to get calls from anyone in a union however. Save your marketing dollars for legitimate uses or just donate the money to a worthy cause that you'd have spent on their website. We'll all be better off when scams like this are gone.

Update 10-2014: new url for this year is and is also linked to

Update 6-2016: It looks like they're still at it. I received a call a few months ago about a new union website, but here's a new twist,, or Same layout, same look, same scam, but now they're targeting veterans instead of unions.


  1. New url for these scammers:

  2. they contacted me about HVAC, it was suspicious at best...

  3. Hi Shawn,

    I own the domain. I do website design and the people at hired me to fix their website. Their previous designer had exceeded the number of files they could have with their hosting account, so during the time I was working on a new site for them, I hosted some of the ad graphics on my domain. However, I am NOT affiliated in any way with and those graphics are NO longer hosted on my domain!

    They later changed their name to and now operate at I have found them to be liars and cheats. They still owe me money for work I did for them and refuse to pay, therefore I did not give them access to the website files I created.

    I do not have any affiliation with any of these companies and did not design the website they are currently using. If you are contacted by them, just hang up! That's the best advice I can give.

    I hope this helps.


  4. -Many red flags here, "Union News" headline on the page has articles about wedding dresses & Putin- Nary a union issue there. Most links are either broken or generic. "Become A Sponser" page asks for private info such as credit card information and even a signature but is on a basic web form & not on a secure server. Best to stay away form this one!

  5. As a former employee of this group I want everyone to know that it is owned by Jordan Salter as he is lying scumbag. He tells prospects that he contracted by the unions to do this program. That is 1000% a lie and he will steal your money and get nothing in return. If anyone calls you from this company JAS Graphic Designs LLC hang up and save your money.

  6. They just called me and apparently because I don't want to pay them money, the "will just have to find a better realtor." Now that's how to win new customers!